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I'm so glad that you are visiting my blog today for the NC Demo Blog Hop.  We are talking organization today.  You might have just come from Toni's blog or you might be starting here.  I suggest that you take the complete hop.  Organization is something we all need.  Well, most of us.  We are always looking for a better way to store our supplies or just make life easier.  We are a small group this month, but we have great ideas!

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Today, I'm going to share THE NOTEBOOK.  I've shared this idea before, but I use it every day.  I credit THE NOTEBOOK with helping me use more of my stamp sets.  I would tend to use the same sets over and over.  Mostly, we just want to grab something quickly that will work.  So here it is.

NC Demo Blog Hop Organization notebook by Jo Anne Hewins

It doesn't look like much, does it.  My little cover is old.  Do you remember that bird punch?  But, I like it, and the cover really doesn't matter.  It's the inside.

Why do I cherish THE NOTEBOOK so much.  It holds a picture of all of my stamp sets.  Let's look inside.

NC Demo Blog Hop on Organization notebook page by Jo Anne Hewins

This is one of my pages.  When I get a new stamp set I take it to the copy machine, place it inside and run a black and white copy.  These pages are added to THE NOTEBOOK inside a page protector.  I do not worry about the order.  Usually, I'm an alphabetical type person.  I buy so many sets that ABC order would end up being a waste of time.  I would be reworking THE NOTEBOOK all the time.  I add as I buy them.  I actually know about where a page would be just by use.

NC Demo Blog Hop for organization notebook pages by Jo Anne Hewins

I do place the pictures of the stamp sets so that they face the same way when opened all the way.

So why?  What does THE NOTEBOOK accomplish?  When making a card, you might want a certain kind of saying or picture, or that something you just don't know what it is.  Right?  You could look through the catalog, but you waste time looking at sets you don't own.  You need it now, not in a week.  You are not looking to make an order at that moment.  You might need inspiration.  When looking through THE NOTEBOOK I often find the perfect saying that I didn't even know I had.  Have you ever had someone in a class ask if you have a certain type of saying?  You can look quickly through THE NOTEBOOK and find it or not.  I find hidden treasures I didn't know I had just by flipping through THE NOTEBOOK.

THE NOTEBOOK is a great resource, but you have to be deligent in keeping it up to date.  I make my copies as soon as I empty my UPS brown box.  Note:  You must also go through your catalog and check off when you purchase something.  That way you won't order something you already have.  I just finished updating THE NOTEBOOK to get ready for the new catalog.  Retiring sets are pulled out.  If I decide to keep a retired set, I put those pics in the back of the book, again in page protectors.  Then I move up all of the carrying over pics to the front to fill in the spaces.  I end up with lots of empty page protectors.  Somehow they start filling up again?????

NC Demo Blog Hop Organization tip  THE NOTEBOOK by Jo Anne Hewins

If you haven't tried this, you might want to consider it.  It helps me find the stamp set images, sentiments, and treasures that I need to use.  I bought them.  I should use them.  Let me know how it works out!

Thanks so much for joining our hop today.  The next person is Tracie.  Let's find out she keeps so organized.

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Toni Campana

Great tip, Jo Anne! I’ve started something similar but I set it aside. You have inspired me to pick it back up! Thanks for the inspiration 😊

Tracie Langley

I love this idea, Jo Anne!

Sharon M

Great idea, Jo Anne. I have used Evernote in the past for my stamp sets but I am not real good at keeping it up to date. Maybe I'll be better with THE NOTEBOOK! Worth a shot anyway! Thanks!

Cindee Wilkinson

Great idea Jo Anne! I love the simplicity of your notebook.

Jo Anne Hewins

Thanks, Toni. I have found this to be so helpful. I hope you try it.

Jo Anne Hewins

Thank you, Tracie!

Jo Anne Hewins

Thanks, Sharon. I know I should go with technology, but this just suits me. I do use it every day!

Jo Anne Hewins

Thanks, Cindee. This works for me. I wouldn't use it on computer.

Sue ingle

Mine is almost finished!

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