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Never Lose a Framelit or Thinlit Again!

Twila brought me a gift at class last week.  She was surprised I had not seen this, but I haven't.  I thought that if it was new to me, maybe you haven't seen it either.  Do you know the lovely tree framelit in the Santa's Sleigh bundle?  I just love that tree.  Mine has disappeared.  Gone.  It's been gone for over a month.  I'm afraid it might have gone out with the trash.  Wouldn't you think that I would lose one the teeny tiny framelits?  No.  So here is the answer.

Magnetic 1

This is a magnetic tray!  I think Twila picked it up at the Advance Auto Parts.  This one measures about 5 1/2 x 9 1/2.  It sits on two rubber magnetic feet.  As I work, I just put my framelits in there and they are going nowhere.  It's a strong magnet.  The box says that it is stainless steel construction, ideal for storing small parts,  magnetic base allows the tray to be used vertically and upside down.  The rubber coated magnetic base is scratch resistant.  Here is a picture of the box.

Magnetic 3

This is certainly an affordable alternative to replacing a framelit set for one piece!  It now has a special place on my work table.  It's great for anything metal!

Magnetic 4

Thank you Twila.  You are a life saver!  Maybe you need a magnetic tray in your craft area!  Thanks for looking at my blog today.  Hope you'll come back.



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Sue ingle

Thanks for sharing. Will get one.

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