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I wanted to share The Notebook with you today.  I've been stamping for a long time, and yes, I've acquired many stamp sets.  Do you ever need a certain type of saying or picture?  You think, now which set had that saying?  I know I have something!  But where?  Here is my solution to that problem.  I use The Notebook.

Notebook view

The notebook is a 2 inch binder.  I've had it awhile.  You can tell by the decoration on the front.  I love it!  Of course, it's green!  Whenever I get a new set, I immediately take it to the copier and make a copy of it.  The copy goes in a page protector and then into The Notebook.  I don't have the pictures in any certain order-just as I acquire the sets.

Notebook page

Here's another sample.

Notebook page 2

I do make all of the pictures face one way so they can be seen easily.  Now when I have a card class and someone asks to use a certain sentiment, I can flip through The Notebook and show them what I have.  If they want to change a card from birthday to hello, we can take care of that.  I even have a section for the retired sets that I just can't part with.

Notebook retired

Now when we get a new catalog, The Notebook has to be tweaked a little.  I pull out the sheets of sets I do not want to keep.  Retired sets that I keep have their sheets moved to the back of the The Notebook.  Then I am ready for new stuff!

Now for this to work properly, you must be able to find your stamp sets once you know the one you want to find.  I do keep my sets in alphabetical order.  They are easy to find and Life if Good!  I hope this organizational tip will help you.  It certainly works for me!

Stamp sets



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You are an organization GURU. Holy cow, it's impressive! I could do the binder part, but you said you have to be able to find the set...well, that's where we might have a problem. Mine are all mish-mashed on the shelf and I have to dig through them to find them. But you're ideas are great...thanks for sharing them!


I like this idea, never thought of making a copy of the stamps. Thanks for sharing this great tip.

D. Carol Baker

What a great idea. Guess I have a new project to start after the holidays.

Cindee Wilkinson

Great idea Jo Anne! I put my stamps in alphabetical order too, with on exception. I keep all my word stamps together, and on my shelf above where I work. I also keep the stamps sets in the seasonal catalogs close by too. The others go into a big draw that is behind where I work. A binder would work good with this system too.

Sharon M

Good system, Jo Anne. I used to do that & was always forgetting to make a copy when I got a new set. But, maybe I'll start that system again because I am always searching for just the right sentiment! A good project after the holidays! I do keep my stamps alphabetized and that makes life easier.


Can I make a suggestion? I make a label of thinlit, framelit or punch that goes with the stamp. With your storage idea and adding mine it will make life easier.



Started working on mine, but got to tell you it's the best system I have seen to find the stamp you want to use thank you.

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